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Advanced Systemic Family Therapy

Advanced Systemic Family Therapy Certificate Program: Clinical Application of Systemic Family Therapy and Post Modern Methods
Systemic therapy approaches problems practically and directly rather than an analysis of cause and effect.  The intervention in systemic therapy seeks to bring forth the hidden story of perspectives in groups of people such as a family, and addresses those life stories directly at the means that perpetuate the problem. A key point of this approach is the therapist’s role to help systems to change themselves by introducing creative “nudges”.  These nudges help families or systems to co-create new understandings together, taking on a new organizational direction that allows growth.

Course Description:

The Advanced Systemic Family Therapy Certificate Program is an advanced course for practitioners wanting to strengthen, develop and examine their therapeutic model in reference to working with families using systemic family therapy.

Dr. Meade, a hidden gem in the therapeutic community, is particularly skilled at using questioning to illicit multi-perspectives, which helps clients to find their unrecognized alternate life stories.  His strength in engaging clients in therapeutic conversation has made him the admired therapist he is today.  Skilled at “finding the overlooked,” Dr. Meade, a seasoned practitioner with over 30 years experience, is an extremely knowledgeable teacher, clinician and advisor.  He has combined therapies and developed his clinical career by integrating and practicing systemic family therapy.

In his course, participants will have the opportunity to experience an interactive dialogue with Dr. Meade who has been strongly influenced by Maturana and has integrated the therapeutic interventions of Michael White, Karl Tomm and Harry Goolishian.

The Advanced Systemic Family Therapy Certificate Program consists of the successful completion of three of the four courses listed below for a total of 39 hours of instruction.  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 or Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4 will qualify for the Certificate Program.  All courses are designed as individual workshops or as a certificate program.

Part 1:
Advanced Systemic Family Therapy & Post Modern Models:  Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications

This 2-day course will provide an overview of systemic family therapy.  The following topics will be covered:

  • “I hear what you are saying but I don’t know what it means” – Conceptual translation into practice: The significance of system theory and the post modern perspectives
  • Case formulation through systemic and post modern lenses
    • Retelling the “problem’s” story
  • Core intervention strategies:
    • Socratic questioning as a tool in therapy
    • Relative influence questions
    • Externalization and deconstruction
    • The role of language in therapeutic conversation
    • Interviewing the internalized other as constructed by Karl Tomm

Date: TBD

Part 2:
Advanced Systemic Family Therapy and Post Modern Models:  Core Skills
Prerequisites:  Part 1 or equivalent

This 2-day course will involve applying the skills learned and implementing the strategies through role play and other practice techniques.

Date: TBD

Part 3:
Advanced Systemic Family Therapy and Post Modern Models:  Case Based Learning
Prerequisites: Part 1 or equivalent and Part 2

During this 2-day course, participants will learn to apply their core knowledge and essential skills by discussing actual case scenarios and engaging in role plays.

Date: TBD

Part 4:
Advanced Systemic Family Therapy and Post Modern Models:  Clinical Application in Actual Practice
Prerequisites:  Part 1 or equivalent, Part 2 and Part 3

This longitudinal 6-week course (3-hour sessions) will be a practical, hands-on course, providing an opportunity for participants to share cases drawn from their own clinical practice. With client consent, participants will bring in actual data (e.g. audio or videotape of sessions) and use these recordings for consultation in small groups.

Date: TBD


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